20% to Wounded Warriors/Schools or where you want!

There is nothing more important & naturally coexisting than me and kids!!

I'm the Uncle that is with the kids playing to teach them our excellent family standards, we have to pay attention to their words & actions ESPECIALLY with the social media influence era we're in. We can block & manage all our connected products, however, not all parents do & they happen to go to school with some of the children who's parents DO NOT share the same attention to detail.

Here's my point: We ALL need to chip in & help our country's youth! IT'S WHY the military produces excellent results in protecting our country & I feel that should be expanded. SO what I'm going to do is donate 20% to Wounded Warriors (my Dad passed last year & my brother's & I had no clue what he did for them) YOUR local school of your choice or any other charity IN YOUR NAME!!

ANY referral for a sale or a purchase of a home sent to me YOU will get the choice of where these funds go!! ALL in writing & ALL in your name!!

WE must think different to get different results so I'll pitch in & go first. 

I belong to the Charleston MLS: even if it's a referral fee that I earn, 20% of my net is YOUR CALL of direction of donated funds!!!