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Tips for a Stress Free Thanksgiving

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? There are a lot of details that go into making the holiday a great one. Being the host for the largest meal of the year is quite a big undertaking. It may be stressful at times, but thankfully it doesn’t have to be. Below are a few tips to help make hosting this Thanksgiving stress free for you, and memorable for your guests!

Create a festive and welcoming entryway.

The front door is the first thing your guests will see when they arrive, so make sure it is festive and welcoming! Some mums, pumpkins, a welcome mat, and a cute wreath go a long way. Want to go the extra mile? Continue the holiday decor into your home and make your foyer or entryway festive as well!

Make your table decor simple, but eye catching.

A well decorated table and tasteful centerpieces will impress your guests. The first step in deciding how to decorate your table is by picking a color palette to follow. This makes for a well coordinated table. A good tip for centerpieces is to make sure they are eye catching, but not too large. You want to make sure your guests can see each other across the table!

Keep appetizers light.

In addition to showing our thanks, Thanksgiving is all about the meal. It is most likely the largest meal you will serve all year long! You don’t want your guests to get filled up on appetizers while you prepare the meal. Keep the appetizers light and refreshing. Give your guests something to snack on while they wait to feast!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Guests always love to help out by bringing their signature dish, or even drinks! Talk with your guests before hand and ask if they would like to bring something to share. Not only does this make it so that everyone can participate in sharing their favorites, but it takes some of the cooking off of your plate. Win win!

Plan ahead and prep beforehand.

About a week or more before Thanksgiving day write out your menu and grocery list. Get shopping done as early as you can so you don’t have to stress about not getting what you need. Stores sell out of popular items quick! As the day gets closer, prep any ingredients you can so you have one less thing to do day of. You can even make some dishes the night before and reheat the next day. Lastly, set your table and get out any special dishes or serving ware the night before.

Make a timeline for the day.

Write up a timeline for the day from the moment you put the turkey in the oven until dinner is served. This will help you stay organized and keep stress at bay while you prepare for your guests to arrive.

Enjoy the holiday!

The preparation and planning will all pay off when you sit down at the table with your loved ones to enjoy the meal you’ve prepared! After all, Thanksgiving is about showing our thanks and spending time with the ones we love.