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Home Equity

Two Important Impacts of Home Equity   Equity continues to rise, helping American homeowners secure a much more stable financial future. According to the most recent data from CoreLo
By Leslie Huggins with A Choice Realty
20 Oct

The Inevitable Factor Milton, DE Real Estate Mitigates

You can forgive those responsible for the Milton, DE family shopping if they tend to be suspicious when we go for long without hearing much about inflation. Last Wednesday’s Associated Press headline,...
By Russell Stucki with Remax Realty Group

How to Feel Proud of Your Home Again

Being a homeowner is great—until it isn't. Over time your home may become worn. Here are some things you can do to help you feel proud of your home again.
By J. Gibson with Fine Properties

Why Selling Your House Before Next Spring Is Key

Why Today is the best time to sell your home instead of waiting until spring
By Lawrence R Gilman with Realty Austin

Confidence in the Economy

For the millions of Americans still unemployed, we hope for a quick return to the workforce. We should, however, realize that over 90% of people are still employed, and some are venturing into new....
By Leslie Huggins with A Choice Realty

Pros and Cons of Buying Repossessed Properties

Buying a house can be incredibly exciting and terrifying at the same time, especially if it’s your first or second home. For a lot of buyers today, the idea of getting a killer deal is the ultimate...
By Marie-Josee Chasles PA with Keller Williams Preferred Partners
19 Oct

Real Estate Continues to Show Unprecedented Strength

Many economists are in unison, indicating the housing market will continue to fuel the economy through the end of the year, maintaining this unprecedented strength.
By Leslie Huggins with A Choice Realty
17 Oct

How Often Should I Share to Social Media?

Have you ever had a jingle stuck in your head? Or perhaps you’re familiar with a slogan that you could start reciting and 90% of people could finish? How do so many major brands manage...
By Career Opportunity with Weichert, Realtors®-Quality Homes

How to Prepare for a Bidding War 

How to Prepare for a Bidding War  Some Highlights With so few houses available on the market today, being ready for a bidding war is essential for prospective homebuyers. From pre-approval...
By Lawrence R Gilman with Realty Austin
16 Oct

Tips for Pruning Roses

Pruning rose bushes doesn't have to be difficult or intimidating. Rose bushes need to be pruned in a special way, so make pruning more efficient with these tested tips.
By Greg Jones with Alta Realty Group CA

Energy-efficient lighting tips for your home

The average household dedicates about 10% to 25% of its energy budget to lighting. That’s why it is essential to get, or at least try, to make your home more energy-efficient. And, if the economic...
By Austin Craig with Craig Realty
15 Oct

Get $1,000.00 Toward Your New Home

Stuck in a lease but ready to buy a house? Through Sunday, October 18, we are offering up to $1,000.00 toward your lease buy out when you purchase any new DR Horton home in the Houston metro area!...
By Jules Heggenstaller with Southern Star Realty

Forbearance and Mortgage Relief Options

If you need additional information on your options, you can review the Protect Your Investment guide from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Homeowner’s Guide to Success from the......
By Leslie Huggins with A Choice Realty

Fall Gardening

If you have FOMO about not getting your garden in earlier this spring, there’s still a whole season of growing that’s perfect for those late to the game.
By Keller Williams Realty Key Partners, LLC with Keller Williams Key Partners
14 Oct

The #1 Reason Not to Wait

Let’s connect today to get your house on the market at this optimal time to sell.
By Leslie Huggins with A Choice Realty

3 Thoughts For Millennials Who Want To Retire

Compared to generations in the past, millennials have had a tough time in their lives so far. This is a generation of investors who grew up during the Great Recession,
By Greg Jones with Alta Realty Group CA
13 Oct

"Renter Nation" Future has One Logical Upshot

When yahoo!finance (the exclamation point is part of the title) puts residential real estate at the top of their feed, a fair number of Fenwick Island, DE readers are apt to come across it. Last Thursday,...
By Russell Stucki with Remax Realty Group