For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

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How It Works

  • You market their home using all of tools.
  • Home goes on Craig's List for text message and phone leads.
  • Put a custom sign rider (with text code) in their yard for leads.
  • Homeowner can print out pre-made flyers (for even more leads).
  • Put homeowner on an auto-drip campaign with useful information.

Benefits To You

  • You get EXCLUSIVE text and phone leads to pre-qualify potential buyers.
  • You pre-qualify all potential buyers wanting to view the FSBO home.
  • You can get unlimited amount of loans from each FSBO marketed.
  • You should get loan of sellers new home, or refinance their current one.
  • If home doesn't sell = Listing referral to agent = More agent loan referrals.
  • Keep yourself top-of-mind and get referrals from the homeowner.

Put YOURSELF in control of your success and stop waiting for referrals or paying for expensive leads that multiple LO's are calling. We have all the tools you'll need to effectively work FSBO's; call lists, call scripts, marketing tools. If you need us to, we'll even make the calls for you and input the property details for you. (addition cost may apply for these services.)

Fill your pipeline anytime it runs low with minimal amount of work... you can even have your assistant or children make the calls and keep your pipeline topped off with a constant flow of new leads. You are in complete control of your destiny.

Building business is about building relationships. Let us help you grow your rolodex and do more deals by helping others grow their business. Become others most valuable business asset and you'll have referral partners for life.
Your contact information will be on 100's of property websites and text message (text for info) capturing mobile numbers, you'll gather more leads than ever thought possible. Now top off all that with referrals from your co-marketing partners.
You won't waste your time having to learn another complex system, and you won't need to be a tech geek to get the most out of our system. We made everything one-click simple, so you can focus on the business of generating more business.
Partner with agents to help grow their business and watch your business grow too. The synergy of two great minds are always greater than one. Now you can work with every agent and every FSBO in your town and do more deals.

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