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With the widespread popularity of social networking, the most efficient way to showcase properties is through a Facebook real estate app. Marketing through social media has become an increasingly popular real estate tool to promote business as well as target prospective buyers. Since the majority of buyers begin their search online, it is more necessary than ever that real estate professionals have a social marketing campaign. With over 400 million users on Facebook alone, just imagine how many of them are potential buyers, looking to purchase a new home. Newspapers, magazines, and classified ads are decreasing in exposure as more people are spending time online and on Facebook. By installing a Facebook application for real estate listings, agents are able to showcase their active properties directly on their profile, which is viewable by their fans, friends, and family. With the ability to quickly install a Real Estate App, each property can be showcased as part of a social networking campaign.

Real Estate App

Picture yourself as a frequent Facebook user who also happens to be searching for a new home. Each day you routinely login to your Facebook account to stay connected with your friends and family. You are viewing a friend of a friend's profile, who happens to be a realtor, and you come across a tab that reads, "Homes for Sale." You click on the tab and instantly have access to properties for sale. Photos and valuable information such as bedrooms, baths, garages, and square footage appear with each listing. You become excited with the information available at your fingertips and you find a property that interests you. Eager to show this listing information to your spouse, you click on a link to share. Not only are you able to share the listing, you can view a website as well. If you click for more information, you are directed to a unique single property website highlighting the house you like. You pick up the phone and call the listing agent's contact information found on the Facebook real estate app and schedule a viewing. Without even picking up a classified ad, you've stumbled across your dream home. Real estate professionals who utilize Facebook as a real estate tool are able to market not only to people they know, but to the friends and family of those people as well.

Why Facebook Real Estate App?

As the first Single Property Website Company to have a real estate application in Facebook, ePropertysites.com has created the most innovative and easy to use online real estate tool. With our user friendly Facebook real estate application, it is easy to post all of your active listings to your Facebook profile. Not only does our Facebook application showcase all of your active properties , it automatically updates each time a new property is activated. With our company, your properties can be displayed on your Facebook accounts within minutes. To install, just enter your Facebook ID Number and our application will pull all of your listings onto your Facebook page. You can even post to multiple Facebook accounts, including your personal and fanpage account. This feature is also great for real estate professionals who are co-marketing or working as a team and want to install the application on multiple Facebook profiles.

Real Estate Tool

Once the application is installed, a tab entitled, "Homes for Sale" will appear on your profile. Post the "Homes for Sale" tab on your company's fanpage for past and present clients to view, or on your personal page visible to friends and family. Everyone knows someone who is looking to buy or sell a home, and friends and family like to refer people they know. Viewers have the option to view more information by clicking on the property and they can even share the property with a friend. Clicking on the property directs the viewer to a unique single property website where more photos, virtual tours, and information can be found. Installing a real estate Facebook application is a terrific way to market your listings 24/7. Once installed there is essentially no maintenance. Each time you activate a new property, we'll add it to your "Homes for Sale" tab. Our real estate app is the perfect way to showcase your listings and reach more buyers by meeting them where they are, on Facebook.

Use our Facebook real estate app to enhance your online marketing campaign through social networking to expand your exposure, impress your sellers, and close more sales as a top real estate professional.

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