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Every Single Property Website Has A Real Estate Feedback Form

That sends out a questionnaire email to agents and buyers that charts responses from showings. These property specific feedback forms are fully customizable. Listing agents can work with the sellers to create a feedback form that fits their unique needs. Sellers can manage and view the feedback as well. Feedback, both positive and negative, is beneficial because it lets the listing agent know if they are on track to make a sale. Since the feedback is charted, agents and sellers can easily measure it to see what the average response to the property is. Sellers will be more likely to make changes based on the overall feedback. Necessary changes and price adjustments can be made to better suit the needs of both the buyer and seller. Once the sellers have a clear understanding of what the prospects want, it will be easier for them to make the changes needed to sell the home, resulting in a faster sale. Never miss a potential lead, follow up every showing with a real estate contact form.

Property Information

Now real estate professionals and sellers can capture potential buyer feedback and leads with a real estate contact form. This is the most efficient and effective way to communicate with agents and buyers after they have viewed your listings. There is no need to waste another minute trying to reach an agent on the phone after a showing. With just one click, a real estate feedback form can be emailed to agents and buyers after they view your listings. Prospects can quickly fill out the form online and send it back. This feedback acts as a real estate lead form, letting you know which buyers are serious leads. If a prospect is seriously interested in your listing, they can easily communicate what they liked and disliked, and what is possibly holding them back. Maybe the price was too high or the exterior needs a touch up. Once you know what they think, you can work with the seller to better accommodate their needs. Sellers will be more eager to make price adjustments, or touch up the home's exterior if they can see firsthand what the majority of buyers want. Feedback forms are mutually beneficial for the buyers, sellers, and agent. Once a sale is made, all three parties will be satisfied.

Why Use Our Software?

If you want to see what buyers think about your listings and sell the property quicker, ePropertySites.com offers the leading real estate contact form available today. We understand that no two listings are alike and our custom real estate lead form reflects the uniqueness of each property. A picture of the property and valuable information such as the single property website address and property details are displayed on each form along with a list of questions. You can change the feedback questions for all of your listings and there is even additional space where prospects can leave more comments. After an Open House or showing, feedback forms can be quickly emailed to agents and buyers. Simply enter in the prospect's information and with just one click the questionnaire is automatically emailed to them. Not only will you find it easy to send, buyers and agents will be impressed with how quickly they can fill it out. Now you can efficiently communicate with leads in a timely manner. Once the buyer fills out the feedback form online and sends it back, the responses are charted in an easy to read format. With our system, sellers can use their homeowner login to view and manage the feedback along with you.

Custom Questions

If you are working with a seller who wants to start with a high listing price, sending out a real estate contact form after every showing will enable you and the seller to see firsthand how buyers are responding to the price. Simple questions regarding the perceived value of the home in comparison to the listing price can help you measure what the majority of buyers think. A potential lead may rate the house high in every area except the price. If the seller can see such results, they may be more willing to adjust the price. This is just one example of the countless benefits of real estate lead forms. Use our industry leading real estate marketing software to send out custom real estate contact forms and never miss a lead again!

After every showing, send out a custom real estate lead form, tailored to the listing, and find out what buyers really think. Take the guesswork out of showing your listings and meet the needs of sellers by providing them with the information they need to sell their home sooner.

Customer Success Story

I have been using ePropertySites.com for several years. I am thrilled to have found a one stop resource where I can setup my unique property websites, virtual tours, texting for mobile flyers, sign riders, Craig's list poster, web syndication, and agent feedback ALL at once, in the same place, at a very reasonable price. They continue to innovate new and cutting edge products, keeping me in front of the competition in the eyes of my clients.

Dave Redderson, REALTOR, CRS, ABR, ePRO, CSCA
Altera Real Estate

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