Neighborhood & Community Websites

Sometimes a residential real estate website focused on your listings and branding as a realtor is not enough to market yourself to your fullest potential. You need a stealthier way of capturing leads. One of the best stealth websites is a neighborhood or community site, which focuses on community content based on a particular neighborhood.

These sites are targeted towards home buyers who are interested in a particular kind of neighborhood. If you are a Realtor based on a particular part of town, then this neighborhood website is just the thing for you. A neighborhood website would help you build a solid reputation in the neighborhood and help you build a reputation among home-owners automatically. Furthermore a neighborhood website will definitely lower your marketing costs and increase your listing referrals.

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

Anthony J. D'Angelo

Moreover, if your marketing strategy is not providing the desired results or if you want to gain an edge over other realtors for the same listings then you should set yourself apart by having a community website.

Building your neighborhood community website:

  • Draw a map of the community/neighborhood and we will automatically include "For Sale" and "Sold" properties for you, and it will always update automatically.
  • This will give your potential clients all the information in a visual format and it will help them understand the exact location of the homes, the schools, banks and shops nearby. dominate an area with a community or neighborhood website
  • This will create a nice experience for your customers and they will be more interested in contacting you about these listings.
  • Unlimited pages on your community website. You won't have to disappoint your potential customers by providing them with only a handful of listings. You can list all the properties you want.
  • Score high in Internet search engines for homes for sale in the community by creating community specific "niche" websites that score high in search engines, example: "Homes with RV parking in Anaheim". This will help your ads to be listed high on internet searches and visitors who click on your ad will be happy that the page linked to the ad was directly related to the keyword searched. Which increases the chance of them contacting you to find out more about the listings.
  • The site will be interactive and provide resources focused on the resident's need. The administration is very simple and the easy-to-use environment will benefit both you and your customer.

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