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Stand out from your competitors with our remarkable electronic Flip Book for Real Estate Listing Presentations, Buyer Books, and more! Whether you are looking to promote your business online, or you are preparing for an upcoming listing presentation, a flipbook is the perfect presentation tool. It creates dynamic presentations for both marketing and listing appointments. Content such as: images, text description, videos, and external links can be uploaded to create a stunning storybook presentation. These flipshows can even be personalized and uploaded to personal websites. Upon entering your personal website, buyers and sellers can easily flip through the digital pages online to read your story and gain insight into your listing strategies. Once a listing appointment is scheduled, a custom listing presentation flipbook can be easily created.

Add YouTube Videos to your presentation

At listing appointments, sellers will be completely amazed with your unique listing presentation style. Beforehand, prepare a sample property website and create flipbook show. To prepare, drive by the property and take a few pictures of the home's exterior and the surrounding neighborhood, such as the community pool and park. Then upload those images to create a sample website. Once the images are uploaded to the property website, a property-specific listing flipbook is automatically generated. This page flip will highlight the property as well as the features you plan to use. This amazing tool allows you to present images, virtual tours, text code and sign rider information, as well as any other information you deem valuable. Upon completion, send an email with the flipbook to the sellers before you have your appointment. From the comfort of their home the sellers can open upon the book and flip through the pages online. It's as if they are reading a storybook about their property. Once you arrive at the listing appointment, guide the sellers through the digital page flip and explain the benefits of your listing tools. Not only will they be amazed at the time you spent preparing for the appointment, they will have a clear understanding of what sets you apart as a real estate agent.

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The Personal Marketing Flip Book software at ePropertySites.com uses the most innovative technology to transform your listings. With our software, creating a professional digital flipbook has never been easier. Simply upload your images, text descriptions, videos, and links to create a dynamic digital book. Our system includes both a marketing and listing presentation. Marketing flip books are perfect for showcasing your skills as a top real estate professional. Use the pages to introduce yourself, your philosophy, and to showcase your marketing features. This information is valuable to potential sellers who are searching for a listing agent. Once a listing appointment has been secured, it's time to plan for the listing presentation. Listing presentation flip books are perfect for showcasing how you plan to list a specific property. Sellers want to know what you can do specifically for them. They want a listing strategy that is tailored to their needs. A generic presentation does not have that same wow factor that comes with a custom presentation. Use the pages to showcase property images, virtual tours, sign riders and text codes, and much more! Don't just tell them, show them with a page flip book.

Make every buyer and seller your number one priority and take advantage of custom marketing and listing flipshow presentations.

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