Single Property Websites

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Promoting one single listing is what single property websites are all about. Impress your sellers and win more listings with a pre-built ready to show single property website dedicated 100% to that one listing.

number 1 single property website provider With AgentMarketing's single property sites, you can set the whole thing on auto-pilot. We'll keep an eye out for any new listings and pull them in automatically right from your MLS, pictures and all. We'll automatically create the property website, activate it, create your virtual tour (MLS compliant one too and post to your MLS if your MLS allows it), create the YouTube vide and upload it to your channel, or your brokers channel, or our channel if you choose to, and so much more! We'll then keep an eye out for any changes and do it all over again for you. Let us do it all automatically, or control the things you do and don't want us to do automatically.

Don't be fooled by those providers that only give you one property page and link out to other resources. AgentMarketing gives you a full blown property website with all the bells and whistles, and you can even add your own to a fully customizable menu and fully editable page content.

Single Property Sites

Our Single Property Websites are designed to list and feature all on its own. Aggregators like Zillow and Redfin are great resources, but the sheer amount of listings can make it to where properties get lost in the shuffle.

With Single Property websites, your property gets a website all to itself - complete with over twenty-six different marketing features and growing - to market the site most effectively. Like a normal listing, these websites are submitted to all the large aggregators, PLUS classified syndication and it gets added to our dozens of real estate domains that we use to host property websites.

When buyers find these sites, the property stands out with high-definition images, virtual tours, all the local community information and much more. With these websites, you can customize the website to present the complete story of an individual property and have buyers feeling like they are being guided "by the hand" through the home.

Automated Property Marketing Solutions Included

Our technology builds property websites that are fully responsive (mobile friendly), which is now a key component in search.

Our single property websites include:
  • One Click Posting
  • Syndication Feeds
  • Realtor.com Postings
  • YouTube Video Maker
  • Facebook Real Estate App
  • Property Widgets
  • SEO Ready Structure
  • Full META tag control
  • Text Messaging Call Capture
  • Push & Pull Capabilities
  • Google Maps and Street View
  • Front Page Attention Banners
  • Music Clip Library
  • Feedback System
  • Website Visit Reports
  • Upload Video and Flash
  • Unlimited Photos, Texts and Docs
  • Open House Calendars
  • Voice Overs & Text to Voice
  • Personal Marketing Flip Book
  • MLS Virtual Tours
  • 360 Virtual Tours
  • Virtual Tours
  • Online User Guide

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