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Given the option to read or watch a video, the majority of the population would chose to watch a video. If people prefer to watch videos, then people searching for a new home certainly like videos too. With a YouTube video maker, real estate images can be transformed into a video that is viewable online through YouTube. With the massive amount of real estate information readily available online, it can be an endless battle to win the attention of potential buyers. If you want to be a top real estate professional in today's entertainment-saturated society, you must include a YouTube movie maker as the highlight feature of your Internet marketing campaign. Youtube videos that showcase real estate not only generate more leads, they help your listing information get indexed online quicker. Better search results mean increased exposure and in turn, more sales. By marketing through the preferred media of potential buyers, prospects are more likely to contact the agent for more information. As today's online media expands, your marketing strategy should evolve to meet the needs of potential buyers.

Youtube Movie Maker

It's a known fact that before stepping foot on any property, most buyers begin their property research online. With the widespread availability of high-speed Internet access, potential buyers can quickly access a multitude of information. With so many options, a real estate video tour is guaranteed to stand out. Utilizing a YouTube video maker to give life and movement to still images will enhance your marketing platform. Not only will your listings stand out, your strategy as an agent will impress your sellers and help you gain potential clients. By creating an engaging video tour, buyers can have access to a realistic view of the property. Real estate video tours allow you to showcase your listings in a dramatic way that prompts buyers to request more information. Sellers will also be excited to see their property displayed in a beautiful and engaging video on one of the most popular sites online.

Why Use Our Software?

Uploading a YouTube video has never been easier. Real estate agents not only marvel at how easy it is to create a virtual tour, they are amazed at how simple it is to transform that same tour into a YouTube video, instantly! At ePropertysites.com, each virtual tour is automatically made into a YouTube real estate video. There is no extra effort on your part, we do all the work for you. Once you create your virtual tour, we automatically send it to YouTube. Forget the production frustration and additional fees to purchase a professional real estate video tour. There is no additional fee to post a YouTube virtual tour with our system. With our technologically advanced YouTube video maker, your real estate property video includes multiple images, property details, contact information, and a text for more information code. It even includes background music to create a relaxing and memorable viewing experience. All of your valuable information is included and showcased in an entertaining way. If any property information happens to change, you can quickly republish the video in on click, so you can always send out the most current information as soon as possible. Buyers will love that they can have access to all of the details through a YouTube video and you can be confident that the information they receive is always accurate.

Real Estate Video Tour

Here's how it works. Once you upload your still images, our system uses those images to create a virtual tour in seconds. Each virtual tour is then automatically uploaded to YouTube as a video. There is absolutely no additional effort on your part. You can even upload the video to your own YouTube channel to target past and present clients as well as fans. Once a virtual tour is transformed into a YouTube video, it is immediately indexed by Google. Since Google owns Youtube, it likes to highly promote these videos. Now your listings will be gain more exposure and be visible to more people who are searching online. Not only will your custom real estate video tour be viewable on YouTube, your dynamic video is also portable. That means that you can download the video and have access to it anywhere, anytime. If you find yourself in a place without Internet access, there is no need to worry. Your real estate video tour will be visible 24/7 online and can be viewed offline if you decide to download it. You will never have to miss an opportunity to showcase your listing with our YouTube movie maker.

With our professional YouTube video maker you can instantly create a high-end real estate video tour in seconds. Increase your listing exposure online, gain the attention of potential buyers, and blow the competition away by showcasing your real estate listings through a dynamic YouTube video tour. Viewable online or offline, if you decide to download the video, make every appointment a virtual experience that buyers will not forget.

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