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I am a Realtor with Brand Name Real Estate in Myrtle Beach SC and its easy to contact me at 843-ASK-2455 (843) 275-2455    I live in North Myrtle Beach with my wife of 30 plus years.  I spent my whole adult career with the USPS.  After starting out as a mail handler, I worked my way up to Postmaster. So after 20 plus years in the corporate world and after raising three successful sons, my wife and I decided to explore some warmer climates to retire to and discovered Myrtle Beach.  We are so happy not to hear the words blizzard like conditions on our local weather forecasts. 
The cost of living is low and South Carolina is retirement and tax friendly.   After getting here and settling in I figured total retirement wasn’t going to be for me. I’m way to young to just watch the grass grow, so I became a licensed Realtor.  AND I’ve completed more than just the standard training by obtaining my Certified Negotiating Specialist, Accredited Buyer’s Representative, and Resort and Second Property Specialist designations.  You can see what others are saying about me here.
When I’m not out showing someone their new home, you might find me singing.  I enjoy Barbershop Quartet Harmony and have participated in that since I was a teen.  You should also expect to see my wife and me out walking and cleaning the miles of beaches looking for and helping nesting adult Loggerhead sea turtles.  We are active members of the North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol.    Born and raised in the Northeastern US in PA I spent many a cold winter’s day (and night)  shoveling and scraping snow and ice, so I personally know what it’s like to uproot and move my life to a strange place.   I am Myrtle Beach's relocation specialist with first hand experience I will share with you.

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