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Just as the culinary arts consist of a careful balance between science and art, a culinary professional should possess a similarly balanced skill-set of passion and experience. With my profound passion for teaching and years of experience in positions of leadership, my years of real estate in Arizona, I am perfectly equipped to handle anything in real estate. I am extremely confident and passionate about getting you the best deal and remaining your agent for life! In addition to the years that I possess in technical experience, my years as a college-level instructor have equipped me with my proficiency in working with and cooperating with diverse individuals. My passion for ,do the right thing, hard work and integrity, has been instilled in me since I was young; as I was brought up within our family’s food fabricating business and a small family restaurant. These unique experiences have not only provided me with a respect and appreciation for hard work, good food and culinary arts, but also the ability to adapt and respond quickly to unforeseen incidences. With these qualities, in addition to my keen eye for detail, ambition to improve methods and overall passion for always doing the right thing, I will become your agent for life!

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