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Meet TK Stanford

The story below is the reason why I got involved in Real Estate.

Who am I.  TK Stanford – I grew up in the Collision Repair Industry from 1972 -1988 My Dad started his Auto Body Shop in San Jose California (Silicon Valley) in 1974 and it lasted until 2004 when he had a stroke.  The stroke was the end of the Auto Body Shop Business and he ended up selling it for $150k!  From the age of 14 until the age of 30 I got involved in the trade and then went on to other things at the age of 30.  In 2008, I got back involved in the business as an auto adjuster/appraiser and worked for the insurance companies.  I have worked in a number of different states, covering tornados, hurricanes, flood and also the California fires as an auto adjuster/appraiser.

My Dad had also trained my brother in law in the art of running an Auto Body Shop and how to manage the shop.  My brother in law – Doug Roach learned how to manage the shop, became an I-CAR teacher and has taught I-CAR for 38 years and has taught more students in I-CAR than any other teacher for I-CAR. Reference the website: AutoBodynews,com.  Doug also started his shop in 1987 and he had his shop for 32 years or until 2019.  It is also in San Jose, California.  You can look up my Brother in law.  Google Doug Roach – I-CAR.  His adopted son Pasha now runs the shop on Umbarger Road in San Jose, California. Link:

Hindsight is perfect.  If both of these men were able to go back in time, I have no doubt that they would have found a way to buy their land and building and own their Auto Body Shops!  My Dad and Doug spent well over $4.5 Million Dollars in rent or about $2.35 million a piece.  Not only that, they lost out on the appreciation of the building and the land over 30 years.  So they lost more than $8-10 Million in Total.  That is absolutely AWFUL!  Do you Agree???  I sure Hope So!!!  

So, I am here to help you find a way to find some land or a building for your Auto Body Shop or your Real Estate Commercial needs.   If you agree, I would love to help you get out from renting and throwing your money out the door every month and for you to begin to invest in yourself, your family and your future.  I wish my Dad had done this, of course if he had I would not be helping you now though.

While I work with ABS’s – I also work in all commercial Real Estate and would love to help you in securing your financial future through the avenue of Real Estate. My goal is to serve you, and to help you find the best way to move forward so that you can secure a great future for your retirement and your family in the days, ahead.

Once you get to know me, I can fill you in on the years 1988-2003 as my wife & I were overseas in London for 15 years and I was not involved in the Collision repair or insurance business.  If you ever go to London, you may want to consult me for some pointers on your visit to England. Michelle & I married in 1986 and have two grown kids. 

I will always use the term Cheers as a means to say hello – good bye- general acknowledgement, also a term for “Thank you” etc…

Desiring to help you get to a more secure financial future.

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