Sue Thoensen

Residential loan officer at EPropertySites

Office : 949-328-5000
Meet Sue Thoensen
Sue Thoensen is a residential loan officer servicing the city of and surrounding areas. For more information, please call the EPropertySites office at 949-328-5000, or visit , .

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An Ounce of Prevention

Credit card fraud and identity theft seem to be in the news a lot these days. I've gotten several emails myself from credit card companies as well as retail outlets informing me they've experienced a
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Customer Service

"How can I help you?" or even better... "What can I do to ensure that your experience with our company, the services we provide, and our customer service begins and always ends well?&qu
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Withholding Allowances

I'm one of those homeowners you read a lot about these days...sitting on the fence debating whether or not this is a good time to sell my house, buy a condo, rent an apartment, or just grab a sleeping
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eMarketing Guide

Welcome Home One of my favorite TV shows is "Extreme Makeover, Home Edition." I'll admit I'm a sappy, sentimental lover of happy endings, and my favorite part of the show is when the family
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