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Clear Title

  When you buy a property, it’s all yours, right? Well, if you buy a property with title defect—like a lien, levy, or encroachment—that might not be the case. If somethin
By Leslie Huggins with RPI Real Estate Services

April 2021 California Housing Sentiment Index

April 2021 California Housing Sentiment Index. Is it a good time to buy a home? Is it a good time to sell a home? Will it be easier to find a home over the next 12 months? Will home prices increase?
By Charles Barnes with Alta Realty Group CA

How To Manage Home Buying Stress

  Home buying got you feeling like a college student taking a final that they haven’t studied for? Almost every home buyer feels stressed at some point in the home buying process. An
By Leslie Huggins with RPI Real Estate Services

Four reasons why you should buy a vacation home

When you buy a vacation home, you’re making one of the few investments that offers both personal and financial rewards.  And you don’t have to be a real estate tycoon to pull it off.
By Keith Powers REALTOR® with Powers Realty Group - Alta Realty Group

April 2021 Real Estate Market sCoop!

Welcome to your Monthly Market sCoop for April! We hope you enjoy this inside sCOOP from the Cooper Home Team and find it helpful for understanding the current market and making informed real estate d
By Chris Cooper & Heather Mehl with The Cutting Edge, Realtors


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