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Wants vs Needs

Remember middle school social studies (yeah, sorry to bring that up)? We all learned the difference between wants and needs. Needs? Food, clothing, shelter, and water. Wants? Pretty much everything el
By Leslie Huggins with A Choice Realty

When to List: Controversy in This One-Off Year

Sometimes, the timing for when to list your Dewey Beach, DE home is pretty much dictated by circumstances. Whether they be personal or professional changes that call for a move, when to list is (as po
By Russell Stucki with Remax Realty Group

Career in Real Estate

A career in real estate is incredibly rewarding. I love seeing new clients become friends, watching a client finally find the perfect home (after three dozen showings!), and exploring our town—t
By Leslie Huggins with A Choice Realty

Home Equity

Two Important Impacts of Home Equity   Equity continues to rise, helping American homeowners secure a much more stable financial future. According to the most recent data from CoreLo
By Leslie Huggins with A Choice Realty

Broaden Your Financing Options: Hacks for Homebuyers

.blog-img { margin: auto !important; } If you’re in the market for a new house but don’t like your financing options, you may be happy to hear that there are other, less conventio
By Rockmore Team with Rockmore Home Group


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