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Meet Tiffany Bonilla

Born and raised in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York; Tiffany has always known that there are big elements to life. She has set out to be a change agent to everyone she meets at the cross streets of her now long time home San Antonio Texas. Having been brought to San Antonio on a Military assignment in 2005, her experiences have matured her to think outside the box and problem solve the challenges that hold people back from believing that can dream big.   
Tiffany has been on excursions of conviction ever since.  She set out to embark on her journey in obtaining her Bachelors of Science in Business Management (2010), knowing one day she would express her entrepreneurial spirit. Her background has involved careers including customer service, finance, teaching & process improvement. As drive obliges her flight into real estate; she seeks those, that through mastery, what we do matters. Since her Real Estate licensing she now carry's the designation of Graduate Real Estate Institute and enjoys continuing education to further enhance her credentials.   
Tiffany enjoys many passions; including holding her certification in childbirth education, guiding her three children as their mentor on leadership, DIY projects, design, and "long walks" through architecture with her husband. 
Adventure is out there. Do you have the spirit of adventure too? – Up Pixar films   

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