Real Estate Agent CRM Software: Part 1

Real Estate Agent CRM Software

Lead Managment and Customer Relationship Management 

Part 1 of 3: AgentMarketing.com CRM


Our Software makes it really easy to manage contacts and leads that your marketing generates.  You can do so many things with your CRM in our system that will help you cultivate your prospects from intitial contact through the entire sales process.  In this post we will explore the main dashboard overview and the "Lists" that you can create to help you monitor and keep track of all of your prospects and clients.

CRM Software for Real Estate Agents

To access your CRM inside our platform you click on the "Leads" tab and you will see the dashboard.  You may want to try and add some test prospects first to see how it works.

The first thing you'll want to do is setup your "Notifications".  This dictatates:

  1. Where you are notified (by text or email or both)
  2. How you are notified for each prospect type
  3. Are you having an "auto-responder" automatically created



There several things you can do from the initial dashboard overview:

  1. View your contacts
  2. Create lists that will help you organize
  3. Filter your contacts


Editing your Lists Allows you to easily search by different things at your choosing like "Buyer" or "Seller" as a group or color coding priority to determine the hottest lead!



Creating Filters is easy and the best way to manage your prospects...especially as you collect more and more!




What about entering a clients website and mailing address?

Is there a way to navigate from one client record to the next without hitting "return" and going back out to the list?  For example, if I am working with client #101 and want to go to the next one #102, I have to hit "return" to go back out to the list, then set it to display 99 on a page, then go to p2 of the clients and then choose client 102.  This is painfully time comsuming....just saying :)  Would love to see "next record" to go from one client to the next.  Thank you for your time :)



Is there a way to sync contacts with google so that I can have client data base on my phone?


Can you download from your phone?

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