Real Estate Agent CRM Software: Part 3

Real Estate Agent CRM Software: eMail Drip Campaigns

eMail Drip Campaigns, Letters and Contact Management


Part 3 of 3: AgentMarketing.com CRM (Using Custom eMail Drip Campaigns)


Our Contact Manager has a super robust eMail drip system built right in.  Whether you are trying to cultivate new prospects, working with current cusotmers or keeping in contact with past clients, friends and family, our fully customizable email drip system is for you.

We have everything built in.

Here are the main functions of our eMail drip system:

  1. Create as many campaigns as you wish
  2. Create as many letters in those campaigns as you like
  3. Your email signature is parmed in (added) automatically
  4. Assign Campaigns to all of your prospects
  5. Edit the timing for when the emails go out
  6. Add certain campaigns as an Auto-Response to leads when they enter the system





I would like to have the ability to assign a drip campaing to a group all at once from the client database.  Also, I would like to have the ability to delete a letter from a campaign even though there are active clients assigned to that drip mail campain and ability to delete a campaign all together with clients assisgned.  One more thing...I'd like to be able to add a letter to a drip campaign and it carry over to those who are assigned to the campaing already.  Thank you for your time.

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