Easy Steps for a Real Estate Agent to Create a Property Website



Manually adding in a Property Website VS. Full Property Automation


We recommend adding your property in manually.  Why?  The number one reason why is the ability to use the Listing Presentation to actually win the listing.  Each property site has a "listing presentation" automatically created for this very use!  Agents can use this unique digital presentation with their sellers actual home as the centerpiece!  This will amaze the sellers with their "results in advance" concept and it will also help keep commissions high by WOWing the seller!  This presentation allows the sellers to view every tab on that property site which is "viewable" not active.  Another exciting feature to use is to actually have the sellers "text for more info" by using the text code assigned to that property (again it's viewable).

 By adding the property in manually, you can do SO MUCH MORE with it than when you use the property auto-pull or totally automated options.  Adding it in manually allows you to write a fantastic description about the property (making it different from the one in the MLS), list the awesome features of the home, and add in amazing Hi Definition photos that will WOW everyone, customize the Virtual Tour, add music, banners and more!  Google loves a strong website - good information and unique information, so the better you make the property website, the better Google sees it!

Another benefit of adding it manually is you can get it into Agent Marketing BEFORE you put it in the MLS. Now when it is syndicated our site with unlimited, hi deph pictures etc. is assured to be showcased on all other sites.  This will also allow you to go ahead and order all of your marketing materials (sign rider, property business cards, Just Listed postcards and more) so you will have it all in your hands when the property goes active!

To add a property manually into AgentMarketing.com:

1.  Go to the Property Tab and then to your List of Properties

2.  Click Add New button

3.  Start adding in the property information under the Property Location section

4.  Click Proceed to continue adding in the information about the property

5.  The last screen you will come to will be the Photo Upload screen to upload your amazing Hi Def photos (if they aren't, they should be!).


If you want to just "set it and forget it", we have the Full Property Automation (Property Auto-Pilot).  By setting this up, your active properties in the MLS will automatically be pulled into your Agent Marketing account.  The price and status will be auto-updated as well, when you make the changes in the MLS.  This feature truly does allow you to set it up, and then forget it.  However, remember, by using this feature the property information is duplicated.  So the information you have in the MLS is the same as what will be in Agent Marketing (and Google does not like duplicate content).

Click here for instructions on how to set up your Property Auto-Pilot.   It's just a few easy steps!



You also have the option to use just the Property MLS Auto-Pull for each property.  This process allows you to edit or add to the information as it is pulled in on each screen. 

To add a property using the Property MLS Auto-Pull:

1.  Go to the Property Tab and then to your List of Properties

2.  Click Add New button

3.  Enter the MLS number in the section labeled Pull Info from MLS.

4.  Click Go

5.  Choose your property from the list.

6.  You should then start to see the property information auto-populate below the MLS number (in the Property Location section). 

7.  Click Proceed to continue adding the property information and details automatically. 

8.  Once you get to the Photo Upload screen, there will be two boxes.  You will need to click either "Upload high definition images"  OR  "import the low quality images from the MLS". 

This will complete the property MLS auto pull process.

Where can I add this link to my single property website as a preview to my lead, of which I have not listed yet. 


I am hoping that this will be an OBVIOUS link for the seller to look at. 

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