Real Estate Closing Gift - Best Ever!

Real Estate Closing Gift - Best Ever!

Are you looking to WOW your customers and have them refer you to all their friends after their new home purchase?  Our BroadcastMyMove websites are the answer.  It is the best way to get buyers excited while they are still giddy about their purchase.  Basically our BroadcastMyMove sites are a great replacement of the old school just moved postcards as they are digital and can be shared via email, social media etc.  Also the sites will help your Buyers with their needed vendors like inspectors, handymen and more, USPS Change of Address and help them contact DMV for the State (a true moving strategy in action).


So how does it work?

  1. Update your Vendors list in our system.
  2. Create a simple BroadcastMyMove website at the time you are under contract or in escrow to purchase.
  3. Upload some pictures that you take from their "Inspection" so you can actually get the buyers out front of the house.
  4. Ask the Buyers for a testimonial for your Website.
  5. Finish the Broadcast (create a Buyer login so they can make edits), add Buyer Testomonial plus your own comments at how excited you were to be able to help them.
  6. Give to in person or email to the buyers and show how they can email their friends, share on Facebook, use for housewarming party...etc.
  7. Get referrals!  :)


Let's face it there is a short window when we are excited to tell everyone about our new home...then the dreaded boxes and reality of homeownership sets in.  This is our times as Real Estate Agents to seize the moment and get referrals.  It is much better closing gift than the traditional bottle of wine.

Mobile friendly!  The best part is buyers can save their new home on their home screen on their phone just like an app.  They want to do this so they can access your list of vendors anytime they want...our system prompts them to do so automatically!





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