Real Estate Listings on Facebook

Marketing Real Estate Listings on Facebook

So Facebook and other social media has become so popular that we as Real Estate Agents struggle to figure out what to do?  Do we scream to the world about what we do or should we lay low and communicate with our past customers, friends and family and hope they magically know to refer us.  The best way to showcase what you do is with your listings.  They are your chance to shine and show what you are made of as a super savvy professional Real Estate Agent.  People judge us anyway so why not be in charge what they are using to make the judgment?  The best bait we have to attract more referrals and deals is our listings so let's make sure we use them in the right way.


We make it so easy for you to stand out with our Property Websites and Virtual Tours by showcasing your marketing on Facebook in two ways:

1.  Facebook App - Automatically fed listing showcase for all your properties


2.  Facebook Poster - Post gorgeous clickable links to HD Property Websites and Virtual Tours



Our Facebook App loads your listings instantly when a new property of yours hits the market.  It showcases them in a gorgeous format that includes scrolling through the pictures, a map and link to all the details, Virtual Tours and More.






Our "One Click" poster is the way to really help your listings to shine and to announce happenings, get more traffic, wow your Sellers and more.  Imagine your Sellers being able to share their home for sale and actually seeing a bunch of comments about their home on Facebook all because of their amazing Agent...YOU!



Home for Sale Near Beach in Oxnard.

Great property is looking for a new owner.. Very peacefull and relaxing Gate Community near the beach unit has been upated with woodflorring throughout. Custom neutral paint. 

ooo ok.

I'm new and so confused

how do i post my lisitng to FB

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