Property Showing Feedback System

Property Showing Feedback System

Showing Feedback Questionnaire

As a Real Estate Agent one of our biggest challenges when marketing our listings is keeping our Sellers happy!  Their emotions are tied up in the sale so they naturally want to be enlightened to what is going on, what buyers think, and what is the interest of buyers after showings.  With our Showing Feedback system, we've automated that process so you can present to your Sellers more information to help in a sale.

Is your listing showing well, or are the Sellers leaving it a mess before showings, not cleaning up, dishes in the sink...etc.?  How about the yard or dated cabinets, carpets, bathrooms...etc.  It can be really difficult to be completely honest with our Sellers and that is why an objective survey is the best way to go.

We have created our Property/Listing "Showing Feedback" System to:

  • Link to your detailed gorgeous Property Website
  • Send multiple times until an Agent or Consumer fills out
  • Combine answers in a graph to better understand user opinion
  • Be dual purpose for both Showings or Open Houses
  • Link with our Open House Registration App and automatically send
  • Blast out Price Changes and other messages like Open Houses

Link to Property Website

One of the hardest part about giving feedback is remembering all the little details about a listing.  That is where your Property Website can act as the "commercial" for your listing just like a tv ad...it showcases it in its best light and asks as a reminder to the Agent or Buyer that saw your listing so they can give the best feedback possible.



Editable Feedback Questions

While we have default questions for you, you can change them to be whatever you wish to get the best input from showings.




Sends multiple times until response

We send the questionaire multiple times until prospective Agents or Buyers fill out the questionaire.  Also you may re-press the send button if you still haven't gotten a response.



Combine answers in a graph

To better understand user opinion we combine answers in a graph to allow you and your Sellers to decipher which areas of the Listing need work (price, condition, home features...etc.)



Dual purpose for both Showings or Open Houses

You can manually add Showings or even Open House information ( Sellers can also login and do so).  We also have an amazing Open House App that allows buyers to register on a tablet, pc or phone and then we send them a text with a mobile Property Website and also email them the showing feedback questionaire automatically!




Blast out Price Changes

If you have any "news" on your listing, using our blast information feature is a terrific way to communicate with people that have shown or seen the home.  Tell them about price changes, condition changes or even other messages like Open Houses .




Information is key in helping to inform our Sellers and make decisions to get the best price for our listings.  Our property Showing Feedback system is the answer to integrating other Agents and buyers information into your entire marketing platform.

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