Broadcast My Move Websites - Great for Buyers and Their New Home!



Do you have a buyer who just purchased a home?  Want a way for them to be able to share and celebrate their new home?  Create a Broadcast My Move site!  These sites are a great way for a buyer to showcase their new home with a website containing photos, virtual tour, map, vendors, etc.  They can share these sites to their social media and guess what - there is even a place for a realtor testimonial!  This testimonial section is a great way for the new homeowner(s) to praise you and shout out - "They are the best real estate agent ever!!"  

The new homeowner(s) can share these Broadcast My Move sites on many social media platforms with just a couple of clicks.  When they do this, not only are their friends and family seeing their new home, but they are also seeing the amazing testimonial about their real estate agent!  Pretty good way to get a referral if you ask me!

Another important aspect of these Broadcast My Move sites for buyers (as it is with any website) it that it is mobile friendly, so it looks great on a mobile phone and a tablet.  People can still click through the different pages checking out their friend or family member's new home (and that realtor testimonial).


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