Looking for Lead Gen? Try the Seller Leads Website!



Want an easy way to get some lead generation going?  Our Seller Lead Website is here to help!  With the Seller Lead Website, we give you 3 different URLs you can choose from.  Each one goes to the same website, you just get a choice of which URL you like best.  Then all you have to do is take that URL and paste it wherever you want to start generating leads.  You can just take that link and post it on your Facebook page, create a Facebook ad with it, Google Adwords, etc.  We even give you a PDF guide on creating a Facebook ad with the Seller Lead Website URL.  

Prefer a different background photo?  That can be changed too!  Just give our support team a call and they can help you out with the background photo for the Seller Lead Website.

When someone fills out the Seller Lead Website and then submits the information, you immediately get the lead by email, text message or both.  Make sure you have your Notifications set up for how you want to get your leads...you don't want to miss a lead from someone looking to sell their home!  After you get the lead with the address of the home they are looking to sell, you can go in and quickly create a robust CMA Report right from our system.

Also, don't forget we automatically put a Home Value page on your personal website so you can generate leads from there as well.  If you do not have the Home Value page on your website, you can add it very easily with just a few clicks!

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