Property, Neighborhood and Finance Flyers! Oh My!



Our flyer section recently went through a renovation!  There are 10 different layouts to choose from for the property flyers.  Some showcase one photo of the house while others have multiple photos.  The nice thing about the new flyer setup section is that you can change the photo(s) for the flyers right there! You also have the option to change the colors, heading, description, etc.  If your brokerage has specific colors they use, you can even use the exact color or colors of your brokerage.  



There is also a neighborhood flyer - a What's Nearby flyer of sorts.  On this flyer, you can edit the contents of it as well.  You can choose what types of places you want to highlight (like restaurants, banks, hospitals, etc).  Once you finalize that list, the flyer will show how close it is to that specific listing.  Then, in another section, you can choose from a large list again and then, when saved, it shows how many within a specified radius.  What a great wealth of information, especially if someone is wanting to live within walking distance of lots of restaurants!  



If you are a loan officer, you can even set up Finance Flyers so that the agents have that as an option.  As a loan officer, you would set up different loan scenarios and then loan scenarios would show on the Finance Flyer so the agents can then print and use those at an open house if they want.



One last option you have is to upload your own flyers.  If you have your own, you can upload to the flyer setup section and those will be the ones that show on the property website.  Keep in mind, if you upload your own, it will override the ones we provide.

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