Staff Feature: Tommy Orosco


Each week we'll feature one staff member here on the ePS blog. We believe that not only do our staff members deserve recognition for their hard work, but it's also important for our members to know who we are. This week's staff feature is Tommy Orosco, Graphic Designer.

Why we love Tommy: Tommy is our lead graphic designer, and uses his artistic mastery to create all sign, sign rider, water bottle label, business card, flyer, and postcard templates. 

Why you should love him, too: If you've ever ordered anything from ePropertySites, it's highly likely that Tommy created it. Tommy also customizes the single property website layouts, as well as our animated and print ads. No matter what you've done or how you've used ePropertySites, you've come in contact with something Tommy has created.

Tommy's demeanor is usually quiet, but don't let that fool you! His responses to my interview questions revealed the hilarious- and deeply compassionate- inner workings of this brilliantly creative mind.

Tommy, if you could have any animal on earth as a pet, which one would you choose?

"I would love to answer ‘wolverine’, ‘linx’, ’tiger’ or ‘horned owl’, all awesome creatures, but I don’t want any pet that could murder me in my sleep. So I would choose a penguin."


If you could be famous for something, what would it be?

"I would be famous for painting… correction, I will be famous for painting. I kinda, sorta, already am. I have had numerous shows, won multiple awards and, last year, was named the 2011 Emerging Artist of the Year for Orange County by the RAW: Natural Born Artist organization. Currently, I am in talks for shows in L.A. and San Francisco later this year."


How do other people usually describe you, and do you agree with their description?

"People definitely describe me as creative and witty, but they would probably also say I’m quiet and a little bit ‘off’. It is true though, like any great artist, I am quirky, an introvert, and highly passionate about my work."


What is the most amazing thing you've ever witnessed?

"The birth of my son. Hands down the greatest moment of my life (and I’ve had a lot of great moments). It was kinda fitting that “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” was playing in the background."


What is your favorite ePropertySites moment?

"Faking an earthquake to scare [Chris] Bates. The look of confusion and horror on his face as he came running out of this office was unforgettable." 


Thank you, Tommy, for your sometimes irreverent, always wonderful contributions to the ePropertySites team!

If you'd like to see some of Tommy's original work, check out his personal website at http://www.motzero.com/


 Tommy is by far one of the best things to ever happen with ePs!

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