Wow Potential Clients with the Online Listing Presentation & Flip Show



Next time you meet up with a potential client for a Listing Presentation, take along our electronic Listing Presentation.  It is a full screen flip show that shows a potential client things you can do to market their listing using different features from our system.  In your account, you have a generic Listing Presentation you can use.  You could also spend a few extra minutes to whip up a property website for their home which will then give you a property specific Listing Presentation! (More on this in a bit!)  

The nice thing about these flip shows is that each one has its own URL, so it is easy to just pull up on a laptop or tablet.  The flip shows are also branded with all of your information and a Contact Me forn that can be filled out.  You can also edit the content on the flip show if you wanted to change around the verbiage or even add and delete pages!



Now back to the property specific Listing Presentation!  We create this automatically for you when you create a website for the property.  If you have an appointment set up with a potential client and you want to use the property specific Listing Presentation, find or snap a photo or two of the house.  Then add the property into your AgentMarketing account on the Property tab, then Properties.  Add in the basic home information like beds, bath, etc.  Feel free to be as creative or as basic as you want with the website information.  After all, you will be presenting it to the potential clients.  Once you upload your photo (s), you are done!  To access the property specific Listing Presentation, you will just click on the little chain link right under the main property photo on your Properties page.  The nice thing about creating a property specific Listing Presentation is that all of the "see sample" buttons in the presentation will lead to the property website you created!  


The Personal Marketing Book is almost identical to the Listing Presentation flip show and can be used (mostly) by Loan Officers and Brokers to show agents what can be done through our system as well.

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