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Property websites are a great way to market your listings and to show potential clients what you can do to market their home!  In this blog, I will just highlight some of the many things you can do and some of the features of the single property websites.  

First, there are different ways to create the single property website for your listing. 

  1. You can automate it fully.  What this means is that when you activate a listing in the MLS, it will automatically pull into your account here and create the property website, activate it, create the You Tube video, virtual tour, etc. 
  2. You can auto-pull it from the MLS.  This process is still "somewhat automatic", and this is good to use if you are promoting another agent's listing (with their permission of course).  It allows you to pull a listing in from the MLS manually and walks you through several screens to get the property information in, choose a layout and pull photos from the MLS. 
  3. Just add your own listing in manually.  This is good if you want to create the single property website for the listing BEFORE it is in the MLS, so that you can get all of the marketing ready to go.

Another feature of the property website is the text code with call capture.  Every listing is automatically assigned a text code when the single property website is created.  This text code is great as people can "text for more information" on the listing and get back the important property information and  a link to the property website.  Then you get a lead!  You can also change the text code to something more custom (7 characters - letters and numbers) to really make it stand out.  The text code automatically shows up on the flyers and you can order other marketing materials (like a sign rider) with the text code on it.


Another lead generating function for the property website is the registration pop-up.  You can turn this on for the property websites so that it pops up when someone visits.  You can edit what this pop-up says, and you can choose whether it is forced or optional to fill out.



Share it to social media!  We have an easy way for you to post your listings to different social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.  Let people know of a new listing, an upcoming open house, a listing that just sold or anything else you can think of!



Is your seller always wondering what you are doing to get their house sold?  Send them the Seller Accountability Report from our system.  This report can be set up to send automatically to your seller letting them know what you are doing to market their listing with our system.  This report "logs" what you do (uploaded photos, posted to social media, etc.) and even lets you add events in manually that may not be in our system.



Another great feature of the single property websites is the shopping cart.  Each listing has its own shopping cart.  From there, you can purchase marketing materials for that listing.  Sign riders, postcards, water bottle labels, door hangers, etc.  These are all great ways to draw more attention to a current listing, an open house, or even a listing that just sold.



Each property also has a Tools section where you can add and edit different things.  Open house dates can be entered here.  Once you add the dates, we even give you an easy way to post that open house to Facebook!  This Tools section is also where you will find your flyer setup and customization section.  Choose from 10 different layouts and customize the photos, colors and other things on the flyer.  Another thing you can do from Tools is sequence the photos for the You Tube video that gets generated for each listing.  We will use the order of photos in the virtual tour unless you go to the You Tube photo sequencer to change it up.



As you can see, there are a lot of things you can use and do with your single property websites.  This blog only touched on some of these things, so feel free to explore all of the icons and areas of your properties section to see all of the different things you can utilize.

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