Marketing Materials



We offer a variety of different marketing materials to market your listings and even yourself!  

Each of your listings has its own shopping cart where you can go and order marketing materials specific to that property: 

  • You can order a sign rider for your listing.  We have lots of different layouts to choose from.  Some of the layouts have the property URL, text code and QR code and some of the layouts have just one or two of those.  We highly recommend at least getting the text code, as this is a great lead generator for you. 
  • You can order property business cards.  These are great because they have your information on one side and the listing information (text code, QR code, property URL, photo) on the other side.  You can give these to the seller and they can give to their friends, family, or anyone else.  This is a great way to get referrals! 
  • Postcards can also be purchased for a listing.  These can be either Just Listed, Just Sold or Open House postcards.  You can even add open house dates and times to the postcards or any additional notes you would like to add.
  • Water bottle labels are a great thing to order for when you have an open house.  Imagine this - you are holding an open house and as people walk in, you have them sign in using our open house app, LookyLeads.com, and then they grab a nice cold bottle of water you have sitting there.  On these water bottles are our water bottle labels with YOUR INFORMATION ON THEM!  Then they take these bottles out of the home with them and they still have your information in a more unique way than just a business card. 
  • You can also order door hangers for a listing.  These are good if you like to door knock in neighborhoods.  These can also be for Just Listed, Just Sold or Open House listings.  These give you yet another way to get your name and your listings out to a lot of people!



Another great feature in our system is the Print Shop.  From the Print Shop, you can order both property specific and other kinds of print materials.  We'd be happy to create a design that better matches your brand. You describe your print inquiry in detail and our Print Team will get back to you quickly with an estimate.  If you already have a print-ready file, you can upload to the Custom Inquiry area. Once approved, we'll add it to your template library.

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