I'm Having an Open House - What Can I Do??



Having an open house soon?  Don't forget about ways to market that Open House through AgentMarketing!  

First, make sure you put the dates and times of the open house in the Open House Dates section for that specific property.  Once you put those dates and times in, it will give you a fast and easy way to post that open house to Facebook.  We instantaneously create an Open House post giving dates, times, map, property information and more.  All it takes is two clicks and BOOM!, the open house is on Facebook.  You can also post the open house to all other social media sites with just a few clicks.  Don't forget Craig's List!  When you post to Craig's List, it even adds the open house dates and times to the title of the post.


Facebook post:




Craig's List posting:




The next thing you can do is order print material from the Print Shop to advertise the open house.  You can order Open House Postcards you can mail out, Open House Doorhangers which you can walk through neighborhoods and the best, water bottle labels for water bottles for an open house.  Nice way to give someone your information that they can take with them when leaving the open house!




Don't forget about our open house app - LookyLeads.com.  Quick and easy way to have people register when coming into an open house.  You can connect LookyLeads.com with your AgentMarketing account and have your listings automatically pulled into your LookyLeads account.  People can put their info in, then they will also get a text with the property information and link for property website.  For more information on LookyLeads.com, watch the What's Up Wednesday You Tube video at the top of this blog!






Open House Registration Page:

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