Blogging and Plogging



From our system, you can create blogs on real estate related topics or any topic that you want!  You can also create plogs, which are property-specific blogs.  Creating this blog content is great to help your brand and can be easily added as a page on your website.  

When you create a blog, create content that is helpful or interesting for people to read.  Ideas that I have seen are blogs about getting a home ready for a certain season; first-time buying strategies; market analyses; best practices when buying a home; best practices when selling a home; information and fun facts about a specific area or event; renters information and advice; and so many more!  Create content - unique content - regularly.



Besides a regular blog post, you can create a plog or property-specific blog.  We make this really simple from our system.  With a few clicks, and adding a few extra sentences, it's complete!  We create a nice template (two to choose from actually) and then you save it and publish.  Super simple and a great way to add some SEO juice for the listing.

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