YouTube Setup & What Do I Do with My YouTube Video?



The YouTube video created for each property is another great way to get more exposure for your listing.  With our system, the video is automatically generated when a property website is activated (aka goes live!).  You can choose to just have it post to our channel, or authorize us to post it straight to your channel (super simple to do with just a few clicks).  

What is so special about this YouTube video??  First, the fact that it is automatically generated for you.  Second, you can customize the music, you can choose from 2 different layouts and you can sequence the photos just for the YouTube video.  Third, it includes the important property information on the video, the text code (get a lead!) and a link to the property website is in the description.  And lastly, it allows you to share the property and video to other places, like Facebook, a blog and any other way you can think.  


Layout 1



Layout 2

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