Marketing Your Listing with the Property Links!



We give you so many ways to market your listings!  One thing we give you is a specific page full of links, and different ways to market your listings.  The property links page gives you links and code for things like the property specific listing presentation, MLS compliant virtual tour link, classified ads, property blogs and more.  

The MLS compliant virtual tour link allows you to share the property's virtual tour on your MLS.  It is an unbranded link, so all of your contact information and your photo are removed.  One thing you may not know about this link is that once you post it on your MLS, it will then feed over to Zillow - as a branded virtual tour link!



We also give you a property specific listing presentation link.  When it comes to a listing presentation, we recommend you adding that listing into your account (which creates the single property website for it) and BOOM! We create the property specific listing presentation for you.  Then you can take this to the potential client, showing them how you can market their listing using features from our system and showing them a property website you have already created for their home.



One link you will see on the property links page is the SEO Page link.  And you are probably asking - what is an SEO Page??  In this case, it holds inportant property information, specific information about the listing, map, and other specific information about the listing.  One other important part of this page are the URLs linking to other property websites at the bottom.  On every SEO page there are URLs at the bottom.  The more pages a URL appears on, the better Google sees it.  So YOUR property website URL is on the bottom of multiple other SEO pages.



POST YOUR PLOG - What is a Plog?  It is a Property Blog.  Another easy way we give you to market your listing.  Just choose which layout you want to use, add a little more unique content to the property blog (even a video of the community or city), save and publish!  You can even choose a date/time in the future for it to automatically publish.  Make sure you do add some unique content because remember -- search engines don't like duplicate content.



There are lots of other links and things on the property links page.  Go check it out and see different links and different ways to market your listing.


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