Seller Want to Know? Send the Seller Accountability Report!



Is the seller asking "What are you doing to market my home?"  "What did you do today/this week/this month?"  Send them the Seller Accountability Report!  We create these for each of your listings that are in your AgentMarketing account.  Think of it as a log of things you are doing in AgentMarketing to market their home for sale.  As you do certain things for this property (add open house dates, change the description, add photos, post to Craig's List, edit/create text code, etc), the Seller Accountability Report will log these actions with a day, time and description of what you did.  Another nice thing is that you can go into the Seller Accountability Report section and add other things in as well.  For example, if you printed flyers and put them in the flyer box, you can add that as another entry in the Seller Accountability Report.


Another thing you need to make sure you do is to put the homeowner's email in for that property too (from Edit icon, Options).  Once you do that, you are ready to send the report!  

This is a great way to keep your seller in the loop about marketing for their home.  They are going to want to know what you are doing to help sell their home.  You can set a reminder for yourself on your phone or calendar every week/two weeks/every month to remind you to click SEND on the Seller Accountability Report.  

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