Print Shop and Customization Requests for Digital Marketing



Need print marketing?  Need customized digital marketing?  We've got both for you! 

First, let's talk about print marketing.  Print marketing can be a great way to market a listing.  It can be something tangible that a person can hang on their refrigerator, keep on a desk, etc. In your AgentMarketing account, there is a Print Shop section (on the left side of your screen at the bottom of the main menu) where you can order print material specific for a property or for something more generic.  Order a sign rider with the text code (great lead generator!), Open House/Just Sold/Just Listed postcards and doorhangers, and more.  From the Print Shop area you can also scroll to the bottom and click on Contact the Print Shop to put in a custom request.  Use this area to put in a request for a design that better matches your brand.  Describe your print inquiry in detail and our Print Team will get back to you quickly with an estimate.  Requests here can be property specific or more generic (think more like postcards/doorhangers promoting yourself and your business).

Now, let's talk about the Customization Request section of your AgentMarketing account.  This section (located by going to your Dashboard, then at the top of the screen click on Customization Request) is for custom digital marketing.  Our team would be happy to work with you to help you redesign your digital marketing materials.  Please describe your customization in detail and we will get back to you with an estimate.

This customization request would include customizing a personal website layout, property website layout, squeeze page or other digital marketing in your account.  This is a great way to really create layouts to match your branding.  Remember, a consistent brand is very important as that is how people remember and recognize you and your business.  Have the layouts match with your colors/logo/slogan/niche market.  

So the Print Shop and the Customization Request are two great ways to really get your brand going.  Getting these templates for both print and digital marketing will give you a head start in your marketing.  The custom digital templates will be in your account to use as you want.  The custom print templates will be in the shopping cart for the listings (if applicable) or in your print library so that you can use them for every listing.


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