Got Questions??



In today's What's Up Wednesday webinar, we had a Q & A session.  We covered some commonly asked questions, as well as questions that were asked during the webinar.  Have questions but missed the webinar?  Have no fear!  We have lots of ways to get your questions answered all the time!  Here are the ways to get help and get questions answered:

  1. Support Team - We have an in-house support team here that is amazing!  They are here M-F 7am-5pm.  It's not the kind of support where you are 20th in the queue and your estimated wait time is 45 minutes - no - our support team picks up the phone right away and can help with any questions or walk you through something.  Their number is always in the top right corner of your account and their chat bubble is down in the bottom right corner of your account.
  2. Help Guide - Also located in the top right corner of your account, this is where you can go to find step-by-step instructions and videos on the features of the system.
  3. What's Up Wednesday You Tube channel - On your Dashboard, locate the What's Up Wednesday box and in the top right corner, click on MISSED IT.  This takes you to our What's Up Wednesday You Tube channel where you can view all past webinars.  Also, if you just subscribe to the channel, you will be notified when any new video is uploaded!
  4. AMNetwork You Tube channel - This is a great resource for even more info and help.  Videos and interviews covering things like optimizing your website (SEO), social media strategies, social media content, and more!  Make sure you subscribe to this page too so that you know when any new and amazing video is uploaded!

As you can see, we try to give you lots of ways to learn about our system and be successful at the same time!  Don't see something you need?  Give us a call or a chat and let us know!

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