No Listings? Slow Time? Use List With Me Features!



Are you finding yourself telling people "I just don't have any listings right now" or "This is my slow time" or "It's just really slow out there"?  If you are, then we have created some marketing materials to help get you more leads and more listings.  

First, we created a List With Me landing page that lets people know why they should list their home with you - from information on why they should hire an agent to what you can do for them and their home as their agent.  It is branded with your photo and information automatically!  Take this landing page and post the link on Facebook and other social sites.  Go ahead and create some Facebook Ads with it too!  The sky's the limit - so get creative!


We have also created templates in the Design Lab for you to us as is, or customize to your liking.  We have created several postcard templates you can use.  Feel free to add information to them if you want or just save the file and send to print at our printshop! 





We also created digital ad templates to use on social media.  Again, you can leave as is, or customize and add to them.  Then all you have to do is save the file, download to your computer and then we give you instructions on how to use them on Facebook and Instagram (but feel free to use other places as well). 



A Facebook cover image is important for your Facebook business page.  It helps your page "pop", as well as being able to give a bit of information about you or your business in a professional looking image.  Need one of those?  Grab one of those from the design lab too!


As you can see, we've given you lots of ways to generate leads for more listings.  Now all you have to do is get out there and use them!

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