Best Practices for Single Property Websites

There’s a good reason single marketing property sites have become so prominent… There’s simply no better way to showcase the listing without being there in person!  With a single property website, you can showcase all of the best features of the property, giving people a lot of information about it and the area. Here are some important things to remember when creating and using a single property website for a listing.

Phone Number – Having your phone number with no spacing makes it VERY difficult for anyone to read.  If your contact number looks like this: 5781236547 – doesn’t that seem difficult to read? No spaces could lead to errors when dialing the number.  Instead, space out your phone number either with periods or dashes, like this: 578-123-6547 or 578.123.6547. This makes it much easier to read and easier to dial.  You want to make sure people can reach you!

Personal Info – You want to make sure that all of your information is correct and up-to-date.  This includes your email address, company name and address, your website address (so they can click through to YOUR website from the single property website) and any other personal info that is included on the single property website.  Give them several ways to reach you.  Some people prefer emailing over talking to someone and vice versa.  Remember, this is how people get in contact with you and this is also how people know who you are. Some sources say that having the company information and phone numbers on a website helps with viewer and brand trust.


Property Website Description (or any other verbiage for that matter) – Please, please, please – no typos!  It only takes a few minutes to read through – proofread – your website information to make sure there are no typos.  Typos just look unprofessional and are easily avoidable. Don’t think you are a good proofreader? Have a friend, family member or even co-worker just look it over really quickly.  Another point about the description - don’t make it boring.  Get away from the old “This home has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with granite countertops in the kitchen….”  Make the description thoughtful and evoke feelings from the reader.  Have the seller give you some big milestones or memories they had from the home to add to the description.  Think outside the box with this one too!

Photos – Two areas of advice here:  have a lot of them and make sure they are high definition.  Have AT LEAST 20 photos from different areas of the house. If you have 4 photos and they are all of the outside of the house, do you think someone is going to be interested?  Probably not. They will probably move along to another property that has more photos. Make sure to have photos of the outside of the house, all rooms, backyard and anything else you think might interest people and bring them in.  Also, make sure they are high definition! There is nothing worse than having blurry, grainy photos on a website to promote a listing. It doesn’t say much for the property or for you as the agent. Most phones will take high definition photos these days. According to the National Association of Realtors, homebuyers rated photos as the feature they use most when searching for a home online.


Using a Vanity Domain - Getting your own vanity URL helps with several things.  Increased brand awareness, increased trust, improved SEO and they are usually way easier to remember and read than a generic link. A vanity domain can be something like SallyAgent.com or BestAgentinReno.com or you can get even more creative if you want.  You could even have a vanity domain that is more about an area you work or special niche you have.

Lead Generation Pop-Up - If you have a way to include a lead generating pop-up on your single property websites, then go for it!  That way, people can fill out their information and you can get a lead.  According to OptinMonster, some of the big things for pop-ups are:

  1. Create a clear call to action
  2. Personalize your popups
  3. Offer an irresistible incentive
  4. Use an eye-catching design


Even implementing even some of these practices will help upgrade your single property website.  Just remember, what would you want to see if you were in the market for a home?  What would you be frustrated with on a single property website?  What would make you stay on a single property website longer?  Answering these questions will help guide you in creating an amazing single property website for a seller’s home.

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