Adding A Voice-Over To Your Virtual Tour

Creating a virtual tour on ePropertySites is effortless; as long as you've uploaded pictures for your listing, we'll automatically create a beautiful virtual tour for you. But what if you want to give your virtual tour that extra little something? A special twist to help it stand out and really shine? Try uploading your own voice-over! It's incredibly easy, and the results are truly unique. I created a voice-over for one of our sample properties the other day. Follow the steps below to find out how I did it, and how easy it can be to really take your virtual tours to the next level.

How do I record a voice-over on my computer?

An MP3 file is required for using a voice-over on your virtual tour, but luckily those are really easy to record on your computer, no fancy equipment necessary. The internet is full of great resources if you've never done one before:

Here are instructions for recording an MP3 on a PC.
Here are instructions for recording an MP3 on a Mac.

How do I upload the MP3 file to my virtual tour?

If you're a perfectionist like me, creating the recording will be the most time-consuming part of this process. Once you have a final recording, the upload is a breeze! Follow these steps to add the MP3 file to your virtual tour:

  1. Log in to your account and click on the Properties tab.
  2. Click on the Tools icon next to the property you created a voice-over for.
  3. Select Voice-over & Spokesperson
  4. Click to browse your files under Virtual Tour- MP3 Upload
  5. Select your MP3 file and click the upload button.

Voila! You did it! If you ever want to remove the file, simply click the trash icon to delete. Easy as pie.

Helpful Hints

Here are a few tips to ensure a really fantastic result:

  • Computer microphones tend to pick up quite a bit of background sounds. Make sure you're alone an a quiet room while you record to minimize any background noise.
  • Sometimes the music selection will drown out your voice recording. If that happens, turn the music off on your virtual tour, and then only your voice-over will play.
  • Time how long your virtual tour plays in order to match this length with your voice-over, and make sure to start your recording with one second of silence.

Have fun with this one, guys! And as always, if you ever need support you can contact us online any time, or give us a call at 949-328-5000 to talk to a real person.


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