NEW Property Photo Organizer

At ePropertySites, we encourage our members to use as many high-quality photos as possible to create a rich content commercial for your listings. To that end, we continually update and improve our photo uploading and organization system, ensuring that adding photos to your single property sites is easy and fun to do. 

How did the photo organizer change?
The new photo organizer allows you to move and reorder your pictures much more quickly and easily than the photo organizers of old. The upload process is the same, but once the images have been uploaded to your single property site, the fun begins! Rather than clicking on the photo you want to move and plugging it into the new spot on the next screen (and then doing this again for each photo you wanted to move), the new organizer allows you to simply drag and drop your photos into the order you want them to appear. You can even reduce the size of the preview thumbnails to view 12 photos in each row instead of four, allowing you to reorder dozens of photos with ease.

What if I don't like the new organizer?
You can revert back to the old photo organizer at any time by going to your Properties tab, and clicking Options. Just check the box to turn the drag-and-drop feature off, and go back to the previous version of the organizer. Make sure to click Save!

Contact our customer support team by calling us at 949-328-5050 or by typing a question into the chat box on your account. 


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