How To Create A Panoramic Photo

You may have read our post from yesterday, in which we discussed 5 ways to turn your listing photos into a panoramic tour. Today we’ll go into more depth with one of the stitching programs we highlighted yesterday, Microsoft ICE (note: this program is for Windows users only). This is the stitching program we have available for free download under the media section of your property on ePropertySites. Let's go over how to create a panoramic photo using this program.

Taking Photos
Taking photos to use when you create a panoramic tour is fairly easy. Use these tips when taking pictures to ensure the best result:

  • Overlap the edges of each photo. For example, if you’re taking pictures of the living room and the front door is in the right side of your shot, when you turn to take the next photo make sure you can see part of the door on the left side of the photo. This will help the photo stitching tool create seamless connections.
  • Don’t move your feet! If you’re holding the camera in your hand, pivot your body without taking a step to make sure your photos are consistent. Even better, use a tripod, and pivot the camera with the tripod legs in place.

Easy Download
From the Properties tab, click the Media icon next to any of your properties. Click Hi-Def Pano, then click the image to be taken to the Microsoft ICE download page.

Tip: Check out the videos in our User Guide to see the software in action. 

Upload and Complete
Once you’ve downloaded Microsoft ICE and stitched your photos, you can now upload the complete panoramic photo to your property site. From your Properties tab, click the Media icon next to the property the image belongs to, click Hi-Def Pano, then click the Upload icon. You can now select the image from your computer and upload it to your site. The complete panoramic photo can now be viewed under the Virtual Tours section of your property site. 

Once you know how to create one, including a panoramic photo with your other property marketing images is a great way to connect with your buyers before they ever set foot in the home. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get professional-looking results!


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