The Importance of MLS-Compliant Virtual Tours

Stop for a moment and think about the steps you take when you list a new property. Do you focus on the description? Do you enter it into the MLS before your photos are ready?

Information from NAR's 2011 profile of buyers and sellers shows some interesting data: when ranking in terms of usefulness, buyers ranked images the highest, with 84% saying they were "very useful". Compare this to the 81% who said the same about detailed property information. What this data shows is that although including both a detailed property description and images is important, buyers tend to place more importance on the images.

Many buyers receive daily emails with new listings that pop up in the MLS matching their search parameters. If you're waiting even a day to fill the listing with more images, you may have already lost the buyer's interest. 

Next time, try including an MLS-compliant virtual tour. This will ensure that the moment your listing hits the market, buyers have tons of great images to sift through. Other agents will also be more likely to show your home, having an instant and accurate idea of the condition and aesthetics of the property.

The MLS-compliant version of your virtual tour can be found by clicking on the Tools icon next to your listing on ePropertySites, then clicking on Website Links & Sharing & HTML. Choose the link that is appropriate for your MLS (we provide you with three different versions).

By including an MLS-compliant virtual tour, you'll find that buyers will love your images, agents will be happy to show your listing, and your sellers will appreciate and respect your knowledge of the industry and the extra exposure for their home. 


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