How To Think Like A Small Business Owner


As a real estate professional, your business is similar to an online retail store. Like any online retailer it’s important for you to ensure your products are easy to find, easy to understand, and that you are easy to contact. For your listings, the best way of doing this is by creating a single property website. Remember: buyers aren’t looking for information about you. They want information about your listing. A single property site acts like a commercial about the property, giving the prospective buyer everything they need to know in one easy to navigate location. 

When you create your single property site, it helps to think like someone who owns a retail store by keeping these things in mind:

  • When buyers land on your property site it’s an opportunity to grab their attention and keep them focused on your listing. 
  • Make sure the buyers find everything they need at your site and don’t end up looking elsewhere! Don’t make buyers go to competitors’ sites for information on the property such as maps, nearby schools and businesses, or documents.

ePropertySites provides you with a Strength Meter that helps you determine whether your property site has everything it needs to really stand out. Use this list to create a stellar property site that will entice and excite buyers about your product, just as a TV commercial brings customers into a store.

Like any retail items, your products deserve a great presentation. A property site gives you a wonderful location to make your listing (and you!) seem irresistible and superior to the competition. 



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