Creativity Counts: 5 Tips For Customizing Your Property Site

Each property is unique. No two listings are alike, so why create generic property sites? It's important to market with a focus on what makes each property special. Here are a few ways you can customize your single property sites to highlight each listing's remarkable qualities. 

1. Enhance your property description
Your MLS may have a character limit, but your property site does not. Dust off your Whitman hat and wax poetic about the listing's glorious details. A flippant "must see to appreciate!" will not suffice here. Rave about the countertops, go into raptures over the faucets. If you can't think of wonderful things to say about the property, why would a buyer care to see it?

2. Apply a custom domain name
Imagine a property site with a domain as unique as the listing itself. For example, telling buyers to find the listing at prettiesthouseontheblock.com would certainly generate some positive interest! Focus on something wonderful about the home and incorporate that into a domain name. (Custom URLs can be purchased during property site checkout on ePropertySites.)

3. Include a panoramic tour
Great images are extremely important to interested buyers, so give them something extra special by including a panoramic tour with the property site. Take photos and quickly stitch them together to create a stunning 180 or 360 viewing experience that buyers will adore.

4. Upload helpful documents
Does the neighborhood have HOA covenants? Do you have a copy of the blueprints or floor plan? Adding supporting documents to the property site helps gives buyers everything they're looking for in one location, ensuring sustained interest and enthusiasm for the listing.

5. Add music to the property site, virtual tour, or both
Music helps set the mood. Select a clip that will complement the "personality" of your listing, and cement the buyers' great first impression of the property. ePropertySites provides dozens of free clips you can apply to the property site. If music isn't your thing, try adding a voice over to your virtual tour with our text-to-voice program (or record your own!). 

Don't limit the possibilities for your listing with a bland description or generic property site. Give your listing an opportunity to shine with a creative, customized website, and help buyers see the unique features that both you and your sellers have come to appreciate about the home. 


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