Real Estate Marketing ROI Tracking Tools

Single property websites can be a great investment, but as a real estate professional it’s always important to track your ROI to determine the best method for marketing your listings. Here are three ways you (and your sellers) can keep an eye on your property site’s performance.

1. Hits reports
Properties tab> Hits icon

Available the moment you activate your property site, your hits report keeps you updated on the activity your site is generating. View the total number of unique visitors, where those visitors are coming from (referrals), and how many times your photo gallery, virtual tour, and other sections have been viewed. You can also keep track of your ads (Craigslist, Backpage) and see how many views they receive..

2. Google analytics

For additional details on the traffic and referrals your site is generating, install Google Analytics, a powerful tool that will help you track your marketing ROI. First you’ll need to establish an analytics account with Google. Once that’s done, follow these steps for easy installation on your property site:

  • Log in to your Google Analytics account and click Admin at the top right
  • Under the Accounts tab, click + New Account
  • Assign an account name, then input the URL for the property site you’d like to track
  • Click Create Account
  • Copy the code provided, and return to the Properties tab on ePropertySites
  • Click the Tools icon next to the property you’re tracking, then click Analytics
  • Paste the code into the box provided, then click Save
  • Return to Google Analytics and click Finish

Tip: View the video in our User Guide to see Google Analytics being installed on a property site.

3. Seller Accountability reports
Properties tab> Reports icon

Keep your seller in the loop with a Seller Accountability report. This is a great way to quickly update the sellers on which aspects of the property site have been completed, as well as keeping them apprised of updates to the property information. This report helps sellers feel included in the marketing process, and makes sure they are aware of the amazing effort you are putting into listing their home.

Like any other industry, real estate requires strategic marketing and careful tracking. Keeping an eye on your real estate marketing ROI will help you discover your own best practices, and ensure you’re aware of any aspects of your marketing strategy that need a little extra attention. Try these tools to track your ROI. You'll keep the sellers informed, and hone your skills as a real estate professional and marketer at the same time. 


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