iPad 3 Winner Jim Boadwine

Congratulations to Jim Boadwine of Sioux Falls, SD for being our first iPad 3 winner!

Jim is a second-generation agent headed into his 19th year working in his home town. To say he knows his market would be an understatement; learning the real estate ropes from his mother and starting his career in the family business gave Jim an edge that many agents can only dream to have. Now a one-man team Jim’s focus these days has been on doing what he calls "making his business portable".

After joining ePropertySites about three months ago, Jim started using sign riders that displayed his custom text codes, a decision he says made a huge difference in helping his listings stand out as well as helping him attract more leads.

Jim says, “I believe that agents who give all the information away without capturing leads are doing themselves a disservice. Sign riders with text codes are a great tool for instant information, and ordering them through ePropertySites is quick. You don’t have to mess around, and they get it out to you immediately.”

A large part of Jim’s strategy is targeting expired listings. He has developed an incredible 89-point marketing strategy that uses his unique analytical skills to create a successful plan for frustrated sellers. Part of that plan has been offering the sellers a single property site, which Jim considers a staple in today's complicated market.

"ePropertySites is a fantastic deal," Jim told us. "It's a great tool for my business. When creating a single property site all I have to do is put in the information, and bingo-bango it’s done!"

For a busy agent like Jim the simplicity of setting up the sites was a huge draw. He also appreciates the ability to track the information on his website hit reports.

As a fairly new member to ePropertySites, playing the iPad game gave Jim a great incentive to navigate around the site and learn the whereabouts of several features he hadn’t used before. He was diligent in searching the site for the clues he didn’t recognize immediately, learning much along the way. It certainly paid off as his brand new iPad 3 is on its way. This will be a great addition to the portable business tools Jim already uses. Jim says it will be perfect to use in his listing presentations.

All of us at ePropertySites are happy to contribute to Jim’s continued success as a busy agent in Sioux Falls. Congratulations again from all of us here at ePropertySites!


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