Build Your Real Estate Brand With Consistent Marketing

Although focusing on your online presence is very important as you work to build your real estate personal brand, reviewing your print materials for consistency is a huge part of brand development. Studies show that people's brains can unconsciously remember a brand or logo (this is called pre-attentive processing) even if their conscious memory doesn't recall ever seeing the advertisements. Since consumers tend to favor brands they are familiar with, what this means to marketers is that pervasive brand awareness is incredibly important to the success of your brand.

This awareness can be created simply by making sure your brand is visible as much as possible. Clients who have seen your name or logo on signs, flyers, or postcards will feel more familiar with you even if they don't remember having seen your marketing. Roger Dooley from Neuromarketing explains this concept further in his article Low-Attention Branding, and closes with this thought: "Data shows that it’s better to have your ads noticed and consciously processed by your potential customers. But even when your ads aren’t consciously noticed, your branding message is still having an impact."

Here are a few ways you can keep your marketing consistent and build a more successful real estate brand:

  • Use the same colors and font. If your website shows your name in giant green letters, your flyers show it in small red letters, and it's printed on your signs in blue, clients will have a much more difficult time remembering who you are. Find a font and color you like and stick with it. ePropertySites makes this easy by providing you with one-click ordering of print materials during property site checkout. As soon as your custom print marketing is designed (call our sign shop to get yours done!) we automatically include this as an option for every property in the system. This means that each time you upload a new listing, you can order the same signs, riders, postcards, and more for that property.
  • Get yourself out there. Do whatever it takes to make sure your brand is visible. Give a stack of Biz-Prop cards to your sellers, leave door hangers in the neighborhoods where you specialize, send out postcards, hang up flyers and sign riders. The more places you display your brand, the more familiar the community will become with you and your name. 
  • Ask for help. Not all of us are graphic design superstars. If you need help making sure your online marketing and print marketing are consistent with each other, find someone who can help. The one-time expense of hiring a designer to match your Facebook cover photo to your sign rider or your website colors to your property signs will be well worth it for the valuable brand awareness gained by your consistency. The brand specialists at our sign shop are happy to work with you to design your print materials. Reach out to your network if you need assistance with your web-based designs- you probably know someone who'd be more than happy to help!

The bottom line is that even though it's important to make sure your marketing has a conscious, positive impact on consumers, the simple act of making sure your materials are visible and consistent will go a long way towards making your real estate brand a huge success. 

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