Standing Out With Signage

One thing agents know for sure: it can be difficult to stand out among your competition. There are so many agents for clients to choose from, how can you make sure your name is noticed and remembered? One great option is to create customized signs or riders that grab the attention of buyers and sellers. Here are several examples of customized signage that can help you stand out in your market.

1. The customized "For Sale" sign
Creating a custom sign opens a wealth of opportunities for you to stand out! Including a picture of you or the listing can help show the dedication you have for your profession. We recommend including some or all of these items on your customized sign:

Individual or team logo
Personal website and property site URL
Text or QR code


2. The customized sign rider
Sign riders are a great addition to your usual sign, and can be a wonderful way to generate leads and capture the attention of new clients. Since each listing you upload to ePropertySites is automatically given a text code and four different QR codes, we recommend starting with those so your sign rider can begin generating leads right away.

This is also a perfect place to include calls to action ("Text for price information") or any special features ("Lake view").

3. The customized "Open House" sign
Using a customized open house sign is a great way to help gain visibility, especially if you frequently hold open houses for your own or other agents' listings.

An open house sign is a perfect place to display your name, photo, and logo to help raise awareness and familiarity with you and your brand. Remember to keep the look and feel of the sign consistent with your other marketing materials.

Once you've decided which type of custom sign you want to create, the rest is easy. Contact our sign and graphics specialists at Color Sign Company to get your custom design started. Once your design is created, it will automatically be connected to your ePropertySites account and available to order with just one click during property site checkout. 

Orders usually ship within 24 hours- most of them ship same day. Make sure to ask about our $39 New Listing Sign Package and our $60 Open House Package to discover ways to save.

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