Tame the Beast: Keeping S.O.C.I.A.L. Simple

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your social media marketing? Social media can sometimes seem like an insatiable beast: it needs to be fed constantly with fresh content in order to survive. But by creating a simple checklist for your social media marketing process, you can easily tame that beast and keep your social simple. Use this acronym for all of your property marketing on social channels, and your strategy will become more smooth and thorough than you ever thought possible. 

Seller's thoughts
Talk to your seller about what it's been like to live in their home. Use their responses as a basis for your posts on social channels. Ask them questions such as, "What will you miss most about living here?" and "What's your favorite room in the house and why?"

LinkedIn Tip: Connect with your sellers on LinkedIn and share their responses to your questions with a link to your property site in a LinkedIn update. Then ask your sellers to share your update with their connections, and you'll instantly get your name in front of their connections for a chance to gather some referrals!

A great way to promote a listing is to talk about the lifestyle associated with living there. What is unique about the outside of the home? What kind of entertaining could you do there? What kind of activities with family and friends?

Facebook Tip: If there are any nearby outdoor events, such as a block party or farmer's market, check in at the event on Facebook along with a note about the listing, such as: "The neighborhood farmer's market is less than a 5 minute walk from my listing on 18th Ave!"

What's the community like? Any special events planned for the holidays? Great local restaurants? Annual fun run? Write about these things!

Blogging Tip: Writing up a review for a fabulous business in the community is a great way to associate yourself as a neighborhood expert. Post something about a popular nearby bookstore or restaurant, and end the post with a link to your listing.

If you want your post to be seen, you need to include an image. Take shots of neighborhood views, close-ups of interesting features, neighboring landmarks or community art installations.

Pinterest Tip: Post every image on Pinterest! Edit the image to include a link directly back to your property site. Every time the image is shared, more people will share and visit the link.

Architecture + Design
Is the property designed by an architect? Link to the architect's profile. What style of home is the property? Google the style and link to an article.

Twitter Tip: Sharing this information on Twitter is great publicity for the architect or builder, and could potentially turn into more followers for you!

Link to a community event calendar, community Facebook page, or neighborhood news site.

YouTube Tip: Take clients on a video tour of the community, starting and ending with your property. In the video description include links to important neighborhood information. The video will become an all-inclusive informative resource for any prospective buyers.

By using the S.O.C.I.A.L. acronym to remind you what to post, you'll quickly fill your social media channels with relevant, useful and quality information about your listings. Not only will your sellers love your modern approach to marketing, but you'll dominate your competition online with your effective and professional social media marketing.

Print our S.O.C.I.A.L. Guide to Effective Marketing here.  

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