How To Win the Listing BEFORE the Listing Presentation

Wouldn't it be wonderful to show up to the listing presentation knowing you're already hired? We've got a sure-fire plan that will help you impress your sellers and beat your competition before you arrive for the listing presentation. Follow these three steps to win your next listing.

1. Build the property site
Don't just tell the sellers what you plan to do for their home- show them. Building a property site before you've actually taken the listing will show your sellers how committed you are and that you've already invested in them and their home. 

Drive by the property and snap a few exterior photos to use for the site. Research the home's history and details, and write up an accurate description that shows how well you already know the home and neighborhood.

2. Create the digital listing presentation
Once your property site has been created, it's time to build a property-specific digital listing presentation for your sellers. Use the iPad-friendly listing presentation flip books available on ePropertySites to show your sellers how dedicated you are to them and their home. Explain your strategy, and show the sellers how and where you will be marketing their property site.

Use photos of their home and neighborhood, as well as screenshots from their property site to illustrate your focus on their home. To see an example of a property-focused digital listing presentation, click here.

3. Email your sellers
Now that you have a gorgeous property site and a killer digital listing presentation, it's time to show off! Email the sellers and let them know you are looking forward to meeting with them to present your strategies. Tell them you have prepared some important materials and you'd like to give them a chance to review the information prior to your meeting. Send them the link to the property site for their home along with your digital listing presentation. The moment your sellers realize how well you have prepared and how truly talented and dedicated you are, they'll be hooked! 

When meeting potential sellers to discuss listing their home, it's important to focus on the property and not on yourself. While sellers will be interested in hearing about your successful track record, it's best to be brief and instead keep the emphasis on the sellers and their home. Weave stories of past successes in with your discussions about the sellers' home by saying things like, "When I sold the Johnson's home next door, they really loved the virtual tour I created for their property site. Let me know you what your virtual tour looks like."

Showing your sellers how much you care about them, their home and their experience will set you apart from the competition right away, and help them trust in you and your marketing process. With just a little preparation you can have your sellers hooked before you meet for the listing presentation!

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